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Are you located in South Florida and wondering about the 786 area code? In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about this particular area code. From its history to its current usage and relevant information, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in!

What is the 786 Area Code?

The 786 area code is a North American telephone area code serving Miami-Dade County in South Florida. This area code was created on August 1, 1998, as an overlay code for the region, along with the 305 area code.

History of the Area Code

Before the creation of the 786 area code, the 305 area code was the only area code in Miami-Dade County. However, with the population growth in the area, there was a need for additional telephone numbers. Therefore, the area code was introduced as an overlay code to supplement the 305 area code. This way, the two area codes could coexist without changing the existing numbers.

Geographic Location of the Area Code

The 786 area code serves all of Miami-Dade County, which includes the city of Miami and surrounding cities such as Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, and Homestead.

Phone Numbers within the  Area Code

Phone numbers within the 786 area code have seven digits, with the first three digits being any number between 300-399, 400-499, 600-699, or 800-899. When dialing within the same area code, the seven-digit number is sufficient. However, when dialing a number outside the area code, it is necessary to include the area code.

Reasons for the  Area Code’s Popularity

The  area code has gained popularity for several reasons, including:

1. Rapid Population Growth

Miami-Dade County’s population has been growing rapidly over the years, leading to an increase in the demand for telephone numbers. The 786 area code has helped meet this demand, making it easier for people to obtain telephone numbers.

2. The Prevalence of Mobile Devices

The use of mobile devices has become ubiquitous over the years. The area code has accommodated this trend by providing additional telephone numbers for mobile devices.

3. The Attraction of New Businesses

Miami-Dade County has been attracting new businesses over the years, resulting in an increase in the demand for telephone numbers. The area code has provided a solution to this demand, allowing businesses to obtain telephone numbers without changing the existing numbers.


In conclusion, the 786 area code has been an essential addition to the telecommunications infrastructure in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It has facilitated the rapid growth in population, the prevalence of mobile devices, and the attraction of new businesses in the area. The history, location, and phone number format of the area code have been covered in detail in this guide. As such, anyone seeking information on this topic can refer to this guide for a comprehensive understanding of the area code.

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